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4 Product Package Deal
Hire A Team Of Superstars
Manage Your Employees For Success
Market To Attract Employees
Retain Your Employees For A Life
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Retain Your Employees For A Lifetime
$1,250 $997

140 page manual plus 6 CD's

You'll Learn how to:

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  • Analyze high employee turnover
  • Unlock the secrets of why employees leave
  • Create a fun place to work
  • Tap the power of recognition and appreciation
  • Cross-train to retain
  • Customize employee pay plans that pay you
  • Balance work schedules with quality of life
  • Fire customers
  • Discern what employees want and give it to them
  • Establish and implement performance evaluations
  • Flow with labor, not against it
  • Implement a "touch" system
  • Annihilate high turnover

and much much more!!

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For every 2 experienced workers that leave the workforce, only 1 will enter. Don't let this happen to you. Learn the 9 hidden reasons employees leave and how you can over come them before it's too late.

All Casey's courses comes with a No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!

* Keeping good employees
* Annual turnover
* High turnover
* Calculate employee turnover
* Job turnover
* Employment retention
* Employees reward
* Free employee resources
* Employees quit
* Pay plans
* Turnover cost
* Retaining staff
* Part-time employees
* Turnover calculation
* Average turnover
* Job turnover

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