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4 Product Package Deal
Hire A Team Of Superstars
Manage Your Employees For Success
Market To Attract Employees
Retain Your Employees For A Life
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4 Product Package Deal
4 Product Package Deal
Our price: $2,997

Product description
Manage Your Employees For Success
$1,250 $997

200 page manual plus 5 CD's

You'll Learn how to:

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  • Qualify applicants for effective hiring
  • Design an employee profile
  • Become a personality profiling expert
  • Screen and check references
  • Develop powerful interview questions
  • Unlock their emotions to accept your position
  • Overcome recruitment hiring mistakes
  • Build instant rapport
  • Handle any objection
  • Utilize employee selection tools to hire with confidence
  • Manage employees for success
  • Discover your unique management style
  • Shatter the fear of confrontation and conflict
  • Control your emotions
  • Unleash the iron wall
  • Stop bad attitudes quickly
  • Recognize and deal with ringleaders
  • Distinguish between management and training problems
  • Tap your problem-solving ability
  • Set your company up so employees fire themselves
  • Spread your own rumors
  • Develop a management performance system
  • Document to eliminate law-suits and fraudulent worker's comp claims
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Annihilate gossip
  • Create a disciplinary form
  • Run your entire company using only one report

and much much more!!

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Unlock powerful keys to understanding what makes your employees tick. Discover how to use What "turns them on" to improve your employees productivity

All Casey's courses comes with a No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!

* Bad attitudes
* Managing employees
* Successful managers
* Managing strategies
* Reference checks
* Difficult behavior
* Difficult employees
* Management
* Team managing
* Managing issues
* Effective managing
* Performance appraisals
* Free employee resources
* Articles on managing
* Remote employees
* Manage good employees
* Improve employee productivity
* Firing employees
* Performance evaluations
* Free articles

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